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About Ask Cypert

NSF 150K Award Project: Ask Cypert about Cybersecurity Education and Training Programs

This prototype project will integrate research, education, and training programs to provide critically needed testbeds, tools, and educational/training programs to allow students, researchers, professionals, and educators to have hands-on experience in cybersecruity fundamentals, and how to detect vulnerabilities, and attacks, and also protect our cybersecurity resources and services.

Cyber attacks may disrupt or even completely stop the operations of large computer networks, factories and chemical plants. They may also cause total collapse of financial systems and power grids. Economic catastrophes, societal panic and disasters or even loss of life may accrue.

The goal of this project is to develop an innovative and interactive cyber assistant, the we refer to as Ask Cybpert, to answer frequently asked questions by students and educators about cybersecurity issues, well as educational and training programs. Ask Cypert will provide Cybersecurity Laboratory as a Service (CLaaS) that will deliver virtual cybersecurity laboratory, testbeds, attack libraries, monitoring and analysis tools. The capabilities that will be provided by Ask Cypert site will allow to educate and train the next generation of the critically needed skilled workforce to secure and protect the operations of our cyber resources and services.

Ask CyPert will provide the following capabilities:
  • Cybersecurity Laboratory as a Service (CLaaS). We will exploit virtual technologies and cloud services to allow students to build any virtual cyberspace, and carry out any cybersecurity experiment. By providing easy to use and available 24/7 monitoring, attack libraries, configurable cybersecurity virtual laboratory, analysis and visualization tools, students, and trainees will be able to see clearly how cyberattacks are launched, and the vulnerabilities that are exploited.
  • Ask Cypert for Cybersecurity assistant in educational and training programs. All the knowledge, knows how will be put into a cyber robot we refer to as Ask Cypert to provide 24 by seven support to any educational question related to teaching cybersecurity at undergraduate and graduate levels. The Ask Cypert portal will have educational programs to teach, train and mentor cybersecurity fundamentals and hands on.
  • Cybersecurity Training and Educational Camps during the summer to train undergraduate students with emphasis on under representative groups on cybersecurity tools to detect and protect cyber resources and services.