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Smart Water System | AskCypert

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Smart Water System

Daniela Ibarra and Ashamsa Vijay presented the Smart Water System in the Student Showcase at the University of Arizona. The Smart Water System is under development at the UA-ECE Autonomic Computing Laboratory. 

Water plays a critical role in our lives, from irrigation to human consumption. In desertic areas like Arizona, water directly affects the economy and health of its residents. According to, “The actual water used in Arizona is about 2.4–2.5 trillion gallons a year”. To be able to continue with Arizona’s growing infrastructure, water needs be used efficiently to ensure the availability of this resource now and in the future. One of the main problems is water leak; it leads to an excessive waste of water that people from Arizona cannot afford anymore. To address the aforementioned problems, we propose the Smart Water System to manage water consumption using revolutionary technology such as the Autonomic Computing paradigm and the Internet of Things.

The goal of this project is to create a Smart System to monitor and control the use of the water, and automatically detect an excessive consumption or leaks. Our approach can be used in homes, buildings, or even in Smart Cities.